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Small Business Accountants

As a small business, we understand you need a personal touch.

That’s why from the moment you begin your journey with us you will be provided with your very own dedicated small business accountant, who will get to know your business in detail, to help support its growth. Ambition is one of the key drivers within business, which is why we like to set realistic goals within your business from day one in order to give the business direction and understand what we are heading for.

Our small business accounting services also introduce you to all the latest cloud accounting software, long gone are the days of general ledger books and keeping physical receipts. Software such as Sage and Dext eliminate these stresses so we can begin to focus on the more important things, such as where your business is heading.

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Why choose us?

Accounting can be confusing, that is why we are on hand at all times to help you when you need it. Should it be a question on tax for small businesses, if an expense is allowable for your business, or if it’s something about your payroll. Your dedicated accountant will be on hand to answer all your questions whenever you need them.

As a small business, we will guide you on the most tax efficient routes to run your business dependent on your circumstances. It may be worth at some point incorporating as a limited company in order to benefit from the multiple tax rates directors you are entitled to if you have not already done so, or looking at some electric vehicle options to take advantage of the government’s incredibly low Benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rates.

Not Your Everyday Accountant

We are invested in you. Is there something worrying you?

Let us take away the pressure so you can focus on the bigger picture, growing your business. Got concerns about that too? Ask us, our expertise helps you plan for the future and reach your goals. At Thomas & Co Accounting we have streamlined our service using the latest cloud accounting software, this allows us to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients and calm any financial anxieties.