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Healthcare Accountants

The healthcare sector is currently one of the most volatile in the U.K. With GP’s, nurses, dental practices all feeling the strain and demand for their services.

At Thomas & Co, our full range of proactive healthcare accounting services help tend to your needs so you can focus on your patients and delivering the service you know you can. All while knowing that the financial side of the business is being taken care of, both in statutory responsibilities, and up to date financial information in the cloud.


Why choose us?

We can provide as much healthcare accounting help as you need, from raising the invoices to providing up to date financial information on a monthly basis, we can really offer you any level of service you feel is necessary. So you are not held back from doing what you do best.

Not Your Everyday Accountant

We are invested in you. Is there something worrying you?

Let us take away the pressure so you can focus on the bigger picture, growing your business. Got concerns about that too? Ask us, our expertise helps you plan for the future and reach your goals. At Thomas & Co Accounting we have streamlined our service using the latest cloud accounting software, this allows us to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients and calm any financial anxieties.